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At Precision Chiropractic you are family; and we are committed to giving you the most comprehensive, complete, quality care. We believe you deserve specialized care personalized to your needs to regain or maintain your health. We effectively treat everyday issues as well as complex Injury cases. Our friendly competent Doctors and attentive staff will ensure your needs are fulfilled.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is Health First. We want to help your body to function the way it should. By correcting the structural shifts in your spine to restore normal function to your spine and nervous system, we help you return to health, your normal state. By the time most people have come to the point of trying Chiropractic, they have already experienced several drugs, and possibly some stretching or physical therapy. Some have even had surgery. These are more “outside-in” approaches and in the case of drugs can be more risky than first efforts should be. We want you to be better than you think you can be.

Complimentary Recommendations

Chiropractic care is essential for a healthy spine and life. Still, we have to eat, breathe, drink and more to stay alive. Your Doctors will recommend additional products, providers and services to help you reach your full potential. Sometimes products and services are found in town, such as a gym, whose trainers work with us to understand our goals for you, or a store where you can purchase footwear to meet your footwear needs, or a product that can often be found online and delivered right to your home. It is our pleasure to compliment our services to you by recommending others.


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