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Precision Partners Green Bay WI

Part of the Precision Chiropractic philosophy is: rather than try to do everything and have no mastery of anything, we would master Chiropractic and partner with people who have mastered the other facets of life. We are proud to be able to call these businesses and individuals our Precision Partners.

The Heel Shoe Fitters

Shoes are important! They are your foundation when you stand and no one knows shoes and feet better than The Heel Shoe Fitters. Find out why they are the best shoe store in Northeast Wisconsin!

Better Body Fitness

If you are looking to lose weight, this is the place to go. Fun, intense and focused group workouts are combined with personal nutrition plans to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Mind Right

If you are looking to improve your athletic performance and/or correct some function weaknesses, Mind Right is your place. With top flight trainers and state of the art Pendulum brand equipment you will be at the top of your game fast. Offering both individual and group training, they are the place for every athlete.

Jenstar Yoga

For those of you who prefer more peace, tranquility and flexibility, Jenstar yoga offers yoga, dance and barre classes from a variety of instructors. They have recently added Piloxing, a combination of standing pilates, boxing and dancing for those of you who enjoy getting your heart rate up. Each class/instructor brings their own focus and life experiences to the class, making Jenstar more than just another yoga studio. It is a movement studio!


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