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"I was experiencing severe back pain for about a week. I could not lie down, I slept in a recliner, and even found it difficult to breathe and turn my head at times. Tylenol didn't touch my pain.

I was astounded at the progress after just one session with Dr. Dan! The pain decreased significantly, and I was able to lay down! The first time in 3 days!! I've received compassionate, respectful care from my first telephone call and throughout every appointment. I finally have hope of living without back pain, or surgery!"

- M. Mannion

"Every step I took for the last 10 years was painful. I was unable to do most things with my grandchildren. Since seeing Dr. Dan at Precision Chiropractic the pain has dissipated! I walked around the mall with my grandkids the other day! I am sleeping so much better with hardly any pain. I found Precision Chiropractic after watching Living with Amy. I had gone for an open house for the Body Bella program and also met with staff from Precision Chiropractic. Everyone is very pleasant, kind and professional. 110% recommend Precision Chiropractic!!!"

- Paula S.

"I had a head-on collision on 2/3/23. The young lady that struck me was uninjured, (Thank goodness her airbags deployed). I was transported to the hospital by ambulance with neck & spinal injuries. Dr. Lyons is amazing. Excellent diagnosis, prognosis & attention to my personal well being. The Entire Team at Precision Chiropractic are helpful and caring. I am treating daily and get some relief. This gives me hope for a full recovery."

- PVE 2-9-23

"I had back and neck pain for years before deciding to seek Chiropractic care at Precision Chiropractic with Dr. Dan. The pain was really bad, but I "powered through it". I did see a different chiropractor, with no real results. Since I started with Dr. Dan I feel wonderful & I can move without pain!

I was experiencing numbness and pain in my arm. It was going on for quite some time (6 weeks). At night I could not sleep, I woke up many times, sometimes 3-4 times! Since getting new Xrays and being checked twice, I have noticed such wonderful improvement! It is AMAZING! My grip is much stronger, and I feel like I'm on the mend! Thanks Dr. Dan!!"

- LK

"I was experiencing severe frontal headaches & neck pain for about 2 weeks. I even went to ER, but they couldn't help me w/my pain & I had to miss work. I was bedridden for 3 days due to the pain & nausea. I found Precision Chiropractic, and Dr. Dan has helped me make a complete recovery! I have no more pain anywhere and I'm able to be myself, care for myself & kids and do all my normal daily activities. I am truly grateful for the care I receive! I tell everyone about my success!'

- Megan M.

"Dr. Dan is the best. After years of dealing with pain I can perform movements I've been avoiding for a long time."

- Joe F

"I began chiropractic care because for the last 7 years I had bad headaches, and tightness in my neck & shoulders. These pains affected my sleep and everyday life. At one point I had about 40% mobility in the left side of my neck, could not lift my arm up, and lost time from work. I had tried medication, my family doctor, and physical therapy, All previous treatments had short term results.

I have never felt better! I have full mobility back in my arm, head and neck! I haven't had to use as much medication, I get better sleep, and I went from chronic headaches to little to none. I am highly satisfied with Dr. Ty and his chiropractic treatments!"

- Amy B

"I've experienced mid and low back pain that radiates into my left hip for over 10 years. I was in severe pain for 7 years. At its worst I had a hard time sitting, standing, or even walking for short periods of time. This caused problems with staying focussed in class and even made me miss class when I could hardly move. Physical therapy helped a bit. I had back surgery which helped for a couple years.

While I do still have pain, I don't have the severe pain that prevented me from doing the things I like to do. Treatment is ongoing, and progress is being made. I now have the ability to do the activities I enjoy with limited pain."

- Ben M

"I started chiropractic care because I was hurt on the job 7 years ago. I became disabled. I've been to several pain doctors, and tried several different types of treatment. I even had a stimulator put in! Worthless! I've had to use a walker and an electric scooter to get around and shop. I had no life outside my home because of the pain. I started seeing Dr. Dan in March of 2021. I no longer use a walker. I have a quality of life I've not had in years. Getting better is a slow & gradual process, but I also didn't shut down all at once either. I know I've made progress because I move better. I wish I had known about Dr. Dan sooner, he is amazing and the staff is very caring."

- Deb & Mike

"I am 92 years old. In Sept 2020, while I was working in my flower garden in some way I hurt my hip. I could barely walk and was in so much pain. Also, my hand was so numb and cold I could hardly write or put my earrings in. I’ve had sore hips for years, but not this bad. My hand issues started in fall of 2020.

I would rate my pain a 9. I couldn’t do housework or chores. My hands were so bad I could barely write checks to pay my bills.

I’ll never be 100% at my age, but thanks to Dr. Dan at Precision Chiropractic I can do my housework, work outside for a limited period of time and write my checks ok!! Life is so much more enjoyable and I have more energy. I am able to do my shopping without help! Everyone at Precision Chiropractic is so nice and fun to be with!"

- Linda K.

"I sought chiropractic care because of the severe pain I was experiencing in my lower back and hips. My back has progressively gotten worse over the last 10 years after leaving the military. At my worst I was bedridden and could barely move. It was also to the point where I could not even stand upright. Not only was I in pain, and could barely stand, but I also could not do the things I like to do.

I found Precision Chiropractic by using google to research the Gonstead method of chiropractic. The staff are absolutely wonderful and make me feel very welcomed. The doctors do a fantastic job at communicating the findings from testing and the adjustments that will be made and why."

- Benjamin M.

"My story starts with a Christmas gift of a picture book with a not-so-flattering picture of myself as the cover page. I became determined to stop making excuses and get back to a strong and healthy lifestyle.

I was on day 20 in a row of working out when suddenly during my workout, I felt a twinge in my lower back. Right away I thought, "Oh no!" I was reminded of the last time this happened. It took a good 3 weeks of going to the Chiropractor 3 times a week before I could move without having to hold my breath because the pain was so bad. (Note: I hurt my back by walking on a treadmill at the highest incline for long periods of time.) I felt the exact same wayon day 21; I got very nervous.

I didn't want to give up all my hard work and start over. I was referred to Dr. Dan by a co-worker and saw him on 1/12/21. I've never had such an in-depth New Patient appointment before, and I knew he was different from the previous Chiropractor I had seen. After the 1st adjustment, I was shocked that I actually felt better. I decided to take 3 days off from working out to listen to my body and rest. After the 3 days of rest, I started working out (again) at day 1.

Today, 2/15/21, I finished my 30th consecutive workout and I haven't felt this amazing ever. I've also noticed my form during my workouts has improved. I thought I was just made differently and that I'd never be able to move in the same positions as my instructor. That wasn't the case at all.

With the appropriate adjustments, I find my form improving and the pain I used to feel in my knees is going away."

"It began with hip surgery and therapy. Because of time and availability, these things went slowly. Finally, at a slow speed things just took a long time to get set and going. The worst part of getting things going was the pain I was dealing with was still there. My original plan was to be walking without a walker. Then, by a stroke of luck, my son's wife (who has been seeing Dr. Dan) said maybe he could help me. I started with Dr. Dan. My thoughts began to feel positive. Many of my pains quickly eased, and I felt much better. I want to walk without a walker. I need to work harder on my balance. I also learned I need to bend "the hard way". I have learned a lot from Dr. Dan, and the wisdom he possesses."

- Verla P. // 01-04-2021

"After just one visit I felt more strength and sureness in my steps. Seven visits later I was walking 80 acres to my bow stand, climbing up 22 feet and bagging a 10 pointer with my compound bow. I even dragged it out! I have less pain and discomfort, more strength and assurance in my step. I feel overall optimism as I reach retirement years. I started chiropractic because of severe lower back pain, weakness and pain in my legs, and severe pain and loss of strength in my right leg. I tried another chiropractor, and after 4 visits I was worse than the day I started. I am a very active 63 year old male working as a welder/fabricator full time (50+ hours/week). I was facing the realization that I wasn’t going to maintain the level of performance required on the job, or to do the things I enjoyed away from work. My greatest fear was to go through surgery again. In 1998 I had the same symptoms and underwent Laminectomy surgery, which at the time, I felt was my only option. Over the years I began to experience similar symptoms at various levels, and thought, “this is as good as it gets”…..  As a credit to Dr. Dan’s approach, his thorough evaluation, identifying the exact problem, and focus on correcting it, I am very optimistic that I can feel the way I should have felt 10 years ago."

- Jeff P. // 12-07-2020

I can live my day – to – day life without issue!!! I don’t have to worry about relapses! Mentally, this is a HUGE benefit!!
"I began chiropractic care because of issues in my lower back. I was having trouble walking. I experienced these issues on and off for 3 years. I would relapse every 6 months. At its worst, I was unable to move or do any daily functions. It put my life at a stand-still. I tried supplements and stretching, which only helped short-term. Now I can live my day to day life with no issue."

- Kyle H. // 10-07-2020

I am able to sleep and walk without pain!
"I began chiropractic care due to back pain that I experienced on and off for 10 years. I can now sleep and work without pain, much more often!"

- Blaine L. // 10-07-2020

"Exercises and stretching provided no relief. My severe back pain limited my mobility. I’m feeling much better as therapy has progressed. My constant pain is gone, and I feel less stress. I am enjoying an increased ability to do work and concentrate on other things."

- Steve G. // 10-07-2020

I Have No Pain In My Leg
"I had gone to a few chiropractors before Dr. Dan. I had many back problems. The one back issue that really stands out is the pain that went down my leg. It was so bad. I went to see a back doctor and we decided to go with Dr. Dan to see if he could help first. With Dr. Dan's chiro treatment I have no pain in my leg and so far don't need surgery. So thank you so much, Dr Dan Lyons."

- Shirley

Should Have Listened to My Wife
All activities have greatly improved since my treatments began. In general, life is more enjoyable. I can stand and walk now, when I could not two months ago. I should have listened to my wife a long time ago.

- J.D.

Lower Back Recovery
I walked in injured and in so much pain. I had seen the ER doctor along with my regular doctor who did nothing to help. Dr. Kayla was amazing, caring, and smart. She helped me on my road to lower back recovery. Now, I get to maintain a pain free life at the hands of someone who really knows her job and cares. Thank you more than words can say.

- C.Z.

New Lease on Life
Dr. Kayla is AMAZING! Her personality puts everyone at ease. Her professional manner and skill helped me feel better. I now walk, stand and move painlessly. For years I gave up. Thank you Dr. Kayla, for a new lease on life!! I would recommend her to any and every one! I have recommended her to one friend, and there will be many more to come! Bless you! You’re AMAZING!

- S.S.

Baby Aubrey
When my daughter, Aubrey was born she decided to be Wonder Woman, one of her arms came out before the rest of her. In the first few weeks we found she was going to be a very colicky baby. I was looking up everything to fix her colic, even changing her to a sensitive-tummy formula. Several people had suggested bringing her to a chiropractor but honestly, I was a little skeptical because of my experience at a different chiropractic office. It had not been great. One day when my dad was babysitting Aubrey, he just could not take her crying anymore. So, he and my sister brought my daughter to see Dr. Kayla at Precision Chiropractic. The first week of adjustments made all the difference. Turns out when she decided to be Wonder Woman she threw her spine out of whack, more so than a normal birth. We started with 3 visits a week, and progressed up to 1 visit every 2 weeks. As our visits to Precision Chiropractic went by I noticed Aubrey becoming more and more happy and a lot less colicky. As my first born she has been challenging, but coming to the chiropractor has made a world of difference and has made being a first-time mom a lot more enjoyable. Not to mention that Aubrey is feeling a lot better!! Thanks to Dr. Kayla and those at Precision.

- S.V.

When I first started with Dr. Dan it was because I was having serious knee pain when I ran more than a mile at a time. Dr. Dan showed me my issue was a “hip issue” and after a few adjustments the pain began to go away!! NOW 2+ years later I continue to see Dr. Dan to keep everything aligned! I run OCRs competitively now; and thanks to Dr. Dan without knee pain!! As a bonus I also no longer wake up with lower back soreness. While I originally sought out chiropractic to improve my athletic performance (and it did improve greatly), I gained a better overall quality of life, which includes running, competing, and ultimately taking 2nd place in the event I was training for!

- N.K.

On The Spectrum
We started seeing Dr. Kayla in August of 2017. My son (13), who is on the spectrum, had a large hump in the center of his back, poor posture, poor quality of sleep, poor digestion, and difficulties with separation anxiety and general anxiety. Within 3 months my son no longer had the hump in his back, had much better posture (he’s still a teen who loves his video games!) began sleeping through the night, and fully and completely digesting his food. Anxiety? What anxiety!! We maintain weekly appointments and our health is better than ever.

- J.L.

I’m More Productive!
Regular Chiropractic treatment by Dr. Dan helps me in many ways. By keeping my neck healthy and in alignment I can be more productive at work and at home. Thanks Dr. Dan!

- K.A.

Long-Time Issues
I was hit in the hip by a car (drunk driver) when I was walking across the street when I was 12. Today I am 46. I also have an auto immune disease, difficulty digesting, and many stressors in my life. I’ve had chiropractic care all my life; however when I began to see Dr. Kayla I noticed that my hips and lower back seemed to hold longer, feel better and were more flexible. My “buffalo hump” has diminished greatly, my posture is better than ever, and I feel more energy, am more flexible, and am generally much more healthy (I haven’t been sick in 18 months!!). Dr. Kayla seems to know exactly what my complaints are (before I even tell her) and is able to systematically relieve all of them. Healthier than ever!

- J.S.L.

Many Changes
When I came in I was in pain!! I could not sleep well! These are the changes I have noticed since beginning treatments: 1.) I sleep Better, 2.) I have a better attitude toward a new day!, 3.) I’m back to making my schedule work!, 4.) I function better in all things, 5.) I feel better! (I thought I was sick – but I wasn’t!!), 6.) I’ve got my zip back in my zipper!

- S.P.B.

10 year old with Migraines
I have been sleeping allot better. I haven’t been getting as many headaches as I had before. My back has also been feeling allot better.

- S.W.

Down Syndrome
We started seeing Dr. Dan several weeks ago for my daughter who is 3 and has Down Syndrome. She has struggled with respiratory congestion, sinus congestion, and is a restless sleeper. It was recommended by her speech therapist and ENT that we consider removing her tonsils and adenoids for speech improvements, sleep benefits, and less congestion (potentially). We were looking for less invasive options to try first. We believe the benefits of chiropractic medicine in bringing the body into balance so it can heal itself are HUGE! WE have seen improvements in her sleep, in her overall movement, and reduced congestion as well as noticing her tonsils are shrinking & there is reduced inflammation. I am excited to continue treatment and see additional benefits for our daughter.

- U.K.

After seeing Dr. Dan twice I woke up one morning and had absolutely NO PAIN!! While some pain has returned, I look forward to more pain free days!

- B.V.

Baby’s Bottom
I wouldn’t have believed it, had I not seen it! When I brought my baby son in to see Dr. Dan he was fussy, irritable and would have crying bouts lasting between 2-3 hours! He had difficulty passing gas and having regular BMs. I brought him to Dr. Dan and on the first visit my son immediately started passing gas and had a BM right in the office! From that point on baby boy has been much happier, more content and no discomfort when having BMs. These results have truly made a difference in our day to day home life. The baby is easily soothed and is so much more at ease. Being the youngest of four, this has freed up more time to give to the other children. Thank You!

Just Do It
Go to Precision Chiropractic. They are a wonderful group of friendly, caring people.

- B.B.

Auto Immune
I have lupus and all of my joints were so inflamed causing pain with simple movement. After one treatment from Dr. Dan I am moving freely and painlessly. I feel wonderful!

- T.K.

Leg Pain
I have just started care. I walked in barely able to walk on my left leg because of the pain. After my adjustment I was able to walk out of here without a limp. Thank you for all you do!

- R.T.

I just started care. I have constant popping in my jaw. Dr. Dan is re-aligning my jaw to stop the popping. He also instantly relieved a migraine!

- L.T.

Can’t Turn My Head/Neck
I could not turn my head to the left. I could not lift my head off my pillow. I’ve been suffering for over a year. Another chiropractor said I’d have to learn to live with the pain. I went to Dr. Dan, the pain is gone, I can move my neck without discomfort or pain. Dr. Dan has kept me from having surgery! Thanks, Dr. Dan!

- N.B.

Numbness in Hands
Thank you for your services! The numbness in my hands is gone, and the pressure in my neck is gone.

- D.K.

Back and Knees
My back and my knees feel so much better! Thank You!!

- C.T.

Thank You
Thanks Dr. Dan, my neck feels better and I’m taller! I’ve never felt better!

- F.L.

My shoulder pain is completely gone! I can’t tell it was ever a problem!

- L.E.H.

No More Headaches
I hardly have headaches anymore & I recover from a cold so much faster!

- S.S.

Bad Sinuses
I’ve finally recovered from a chronic sinus infection. I’ve even had sinus surgery. A friend suggested I see Dr. Dan. I’m so glad I did.

- A.F.

I am 50 years old. Before coming to Dr. Dan I felt like I was 90! I was always stiff and I had a hard time going up and down stairs. Now I feel 40!! My hips don’t hurt when I sleep either!

- L.T.

Unidentified Skin Rashes
I have struggled with skin rashes for over 20 years. I had seen many physicians and dermatologists. I had two skin biopsies. No one could figure out my skin issue or even identify what the problem was. My daughter insisted I see Dr. Lyons. We began a treatment plan. Within the first few weeks I experienced improvement. One day I received a treatment and my skin felt like it relaxed immediately. My symptoms have improved dramatically and I am very excited for the first time in a long time, instead of being frustrated. THANK YOU!

- J.J.


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