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Founder Of The Gonstead Technique

Unveiling the Legacy of Dr. Clarence Gonstead, D.C.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead, a visionary in the field of chiropractic, redefined the landscape of his profession and erected a chiropractic stronghold in the unassuming town of Wisconsin. He stands as one of the most influential figures in the history of Chiropractic, and the Gonstead System serves as an enduring testament to the pinnacle of chiropractic care.

Born on July 23, 1898, in Willow Lake, South Dakota, Clarence Gonstead's early years saw his family settling on a dairy farm in Primrose, Wisconsin. At the age of 19, he was struck by a debilitating bout of rheumatoid arthritis that rendered him bedridden for weeks. It was during this trying period that his aunt sought the assistance of her chiropractor, Dr. J.B. Olson. After a series of chiropractic adjustments, Gonstead's recovery was nothing short of miraculous, allowing him to walk again.

This transformative encounter propelled Clarence Gonstead on a new path. He enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic and completed his studies in 1923. Concurrently, he pursued a career as an automotive engineer, an experience that would profoundly influence his chiropractic journey. His mechanical background instilled in him a unique perspective, prompting him to question prevailing theories about subluxation mechanisms.

At the time, B.J. Palmer's theory, which posited that vertebral displacement caused neural foramina encroachment, dominated the chiropractic profession. Dr. Gonstead challenged this paradigm through the application of biomechanical principles and clinical observation in his practice. He introduced the groundbreaking Level Disc Theory, contending that subluxations originated at the disc level, where inflammatory responses from damaged tissue created "nerve pressure," resulting in the neurological complications associated with subluxations.

The assertion that subluxations stemmed from disc involvement marked a revolutionary departure from conventional chiropractic thought. Dr. Gonstead developed an entirely new approach to correcting vertebral subluxations, centered around this principle. His objective was to realign vertebrae on the disc to restore an optimal relationship. To maximize the efficiency of detecting and correcting subluxations, he pioneered several inventions.

The Nervoscope, a device designed by Dr. Gonstead, enabled practitioners to objectively identify the neurological components of a subluxation by measuring bilateral temperature differences along the spine. This innovation effectively allowed chiropractors to "troubleshoot" the nerves at each chord level. Additionally, Dr. Gonstead introduced the cervical chair and knee chest table, enabling chiropractors to leverage gravity and spinal mechanics to gain the necessary "lift" for precise adjustments.

Through unwavering determination and relentless refinement of his craft, Dr. Gonstead achieved international acclaim. He erected a clinic in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, which reached its zenith with amenities like an airstrip and a patient hotel, catering to individuals who traveled from all corners of the world to receive his care. It's a little-known fact that during the polio epidemic that swept the United States in the first half of the 20th century, not a single patient under Dr. Gonstead's care succumbed to the disease.

Dr. Gonstead was a revolutionary thinker who reshaped our understanding of subluxation mechanisms. He recognized that subluxation was a complex entity, leading him to expand the chiropractic system to encompass a multifaceted approach to diagnosis. His method involved analyzing a patient's problem through multiple diagnostic criteria and correlating findings to achieve the most accurate diagnosis possible.

In his own words, Dr. Gonstead asserted,

Remember Chiropractic always works.

Through his enduring legacy, the Gonstead System continues to stand as the gold standard of excellence in the chiropractic profession, offering hope and healing to all who seek chiropractic care.

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