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At precision Chiropractic, our Doctors are not just Doctors, they are Leaders. They teach Chiropractic to doctors and chiropractic students. They teach in office and out of office seminars and workshops on a variety of health related topics. Our goal is to educate and inspire you to take control of your body and your health. Our doctors are board members of several non-profit Chiropractic organizations and are constantly working to improve the Chiropractic profession.

Chiropractor Daniel Lyons D.C.

Dr. Dan Lyons is a lifelong Wisconsin native. After completing his undergraduate degrees in Biology and Biochemistry, he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and Graduated in 1996. He opened his first office in his hometown and relocated to Green Bay in 2005. He has always been involved in bettering the profession. He has adopted classes at Palmer College, served as President of several Chiropractic organizations including the Wisconsin chapter of the Palmer Alumni Assoc.

He teaches technique and analysis seminars and workshops around the country as well as in Europe and Japan. Currently he writes articles for a Chiropractic journal and is on the Board of 3 Chiropractic non –profit organizations. Dan brings all this expertise to the office every day to provide the best, most precise care to his patients. He lives in Green Bay, WI with his wife and two children. Dr. Dan is a husband and father, a writer and speaker, an author and explorer. His inquisitive nature lends itself well to helping find the cause of your problems. Dr. Dan is from Oregon Wisconsin. He graduated from UW-Parkside with a dual major, Biology and Biochemistry in 1992. A car accident in 1990 in which he broke his neck in 5 places and completely dislocated a segment crushing his spinal cord completely changed his career direction. With a greater appreciation for what pressure on nerves can do to the body, he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and graduated in 1996. While at Palmer he interned for the world renowned J. Larry Troxell in the Troxell Intern Program. In addition to practice, Dr. Dan currently sits on the Boards of Gonstead Methodology Institute, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society and the Center for Chiropractic Progress. He loves to read, write and teach when he is not outside or with his family.

Tabitha Pauls - Insurance Specialist

Green Bay is where I was born and raised. I have been with the office for several years. I started in the front office as a CA, then was promoted into billing & Insurance. I have truly enjoyed every minute of it, while learning new things every day. I enjoy taking the Insurance world and putting it into a language that patients can more easily understand.

Before working here I was a CNA for many years and enjoyed both sides of the medical field, nursing and medical billing. I’m a mother to a beautiful teenage daughter who keeps me on my toes every day. In my spare time I enjoy being a soccer mom, camping, boating, fishing, tubing, taking my 2 dogs for walks and to the dog park, (anything out doors) and being with my family and friends.

Jenny LaValliere - Chiropractic Assistant

GB native born and raised! Organization, communication, confidentiality, intra- personal and time management skills are my forte. Before Precision Chiropractic, I was an effective project manager handling over 300 marketing programs per year; and then a fast-paced sales executive boosting sales in a small territory to $1 million.

I love working face to face with people. I home school my teen-age son in the mornings and facilitate office functions for Dr. Dan in the afternoons. I love relaxing while camping, kayaking, hiking, fishing, (almost anything outdoors!), performing Reiki (energy healing), and cooking.

Stephanie Lanz - Chiropractic Assistant

I'm from the Wabeno WI area but I have resided in the Green Bay area since 2017 with my husband and our blended family. I have an associate degree in paralegal as well as a history in real estate sales and customer service. I've previously referred to myself as The Little Mermaid because I want to be where the people are!

I love working with people and being social, which makes my job with Precision Chiropractic the perfect fit for me. Meeting me, you would find this out quickly. I use my critical thinking skills and creativity to elevate any task I'm given. When not working with the wonderful patients of Precision Chiropractic, I'm working behind the scenes with Body Bella Transformations, LLC. handling marketing tasks, emails, patient treatments, and sales. During the football season, I also work as a Suite Attendant inside of Lambeau Field. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family which includes attending their sporting functions, traveling to the St. Croix Falls area, on the lake where we have family, lying around, cooking, and finding lots of mini adventures on the weekends. I enjoy working out to stay active when the weather is warm, I often take my dogs on 3-mile walks.

Tonya Christoph - Licensed Massage Therapist

Tonya is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who has been practicing for 12+ years. Therapeutic massage can be an important component of your health, maintenance or wellness plan by helping to keep the body and mind functioning optimally.

Massage can help alleviate problem conditions, support your fitness or sports program, combat the negative effects of aging, relieve the effects of stress, and complement other health care such as Chiropractic or physical therapy. Therapeutic massage can be especially beneficial for care-givers, physical workers, desk workers and travelers. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call (920) 609-4551.


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